Salient Achievements


1.         Organic farming : Vermi technology as an enterprise resulted in establishment of

  • Small units : 520
  • Medium unit : 105
  • Large scale units : 27
  • Creation of job opportunities
  • Reduced use of fertilizers
  • Effective utilization of redgram stock and avoiding of crop residue burning Started organic movement.


2.            Integrated pest management in redgram and Bengal gram.

  • Reduced number of sprays.
  • Use of cock tailing insecticide reduced.
  • Farmers started preparing Ha. NPV
  • Stated using botanicals
  • Increased population of natural enemies.
  • Reduced cost of cultivation.


3.            Information Communication Technology in Agriculture reaching out the farmers.

  • Latest technology on finger tips.
  • information on weather forecasting
  • Information on Market prices of Agricultural commodities.
  • quick information to large mass
  • Need based information to farming community


4.            Integrated farming system for livelihood security

  • Diversification of cropping system
  • Continues income generation
  • Minimized rick of Agricultural loss
  • More income per unit area
  • Enhanced sustainability


5.            Secondary Agriculture of Agricultural produce

  • Getting more value for produce
  • Conversion of value added produce products.
  • Post harvest Technologies etc.,


6.            Animal husbandry A way to continued income generation

  • Suited to small and marginal farmers
  • Empowering the rural women
  • Employment generation


7.            Horticulture A means of economics stability.

  • Higher income per unit area
  • Effective utilization of recourse.